M'Lou Wilkie

Stained Glass and Jewelry


I was brought up in a family who has an appreciation of the arts. My two siblings and I were encouraged to study and create art, thus all three of us are practicing artists. Currently, I live in the rolling hills of Vernon County and enjoy spending time with my partner, Jim, who has made my artist's life a reality by building me a beautiful studio, where I spend most of my time. Gardening, hanging out with my dog and cats and being in the woods feeds my soul and constantly gives me motivation to reflect my natural environment.

I majored in art education at the University of Wisconsin--Whitewater, earning a BSE degree in 1976. In 1992, I attended Mount Mary College in Wauwautosa, WI and earned an MS degree in art therapy in 1994. My education has served me well. For the past 14 years I have been teaching elementary art at the Richland School District and I have taught beadwork and stained glass techniques to different age groups in the community. I practice art therapy and work with small groups or individuals on an occasional basis. Art is the center of my life.

My art, whether it is beadwork, painting or stained glass is all about my passion of the natural world. Using different media, I express the things that I love in my life. Movement, color, texture and using natural ingredients in my beadwork are all important elements that show up in my art. Through my art therapy training, I have learned how important connective-ness and process are to my art making. All the images that I create are self-portraits, reflecting the moods and the beauty that surrounds me.

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