Liz Quebe

Lisbeth Quebe

Trout Creek Studio

oil paintings

website: www.troutcreekstudios.com/
email: liz@troutcreekstudios.com


Lisbeth Quebe has loved drawing since she first picked up a crayon. As a child, she took oil painting classes from a neighbor in her home town of Decatur, Illinois, and went on to major in art at the University of Colorado.

A career in marketing and communications in the architectural industry offered creative opportunities in writing and graphic design, but left no time for drawing and painting. When she retired and moved to Soldiers Grove in 2002, Liz Quebe picked up a brush for the first time in 35 years.

The winter months give her the most time for art, and she enjoys setting up and painting still lifes created from everyday objects. She also likes to paint landscapes of the incredible scenes that are everywhere in the Driftless Area.

Gathering Storm
Liz Quebe pic
Gentle Giant
Liz Quebe
Lilacs in Blue
Liz Quebe
Liz Quebe
Trouble Times Three