Pita Daniels


Inspired by the multitude of North American landscapes that I have lived and traveled in, I paint to express the beauty of the outer world while informing my pieces with the feeling of my inner world.
Form, color and line from the memory of places like the Bering Sea, the Rocky Mountains, the Southwest, the Great Plains, the island of the Great Lakes, and the hills, valleys and forests of the Driftless Region, tempered by he discoveries of the inner journey catalyze my art process. I like to explore the underlying structure of life, the geometric forms inherent on the cellular level or in the hive of the honey bee. Painting has been an avenue to express the deeply human feelings of joy, depression, grief, gratitude, or forgiveness, for example.
I believe that life in its essence is energy, and I try to express this belief with bold lines, contrasting color or shape, and vivid movement. I have found peace in the solitude of where sky meets water and land, in the stillness of a winter forest, in the tumult of a great lake thunderstorm.
Art can be a mirror, and in the looking I find myself.


My mother introduced me to ceramics and my father to drawing the human form and pastels. I spent hours of my childhood drawing horses and filling pages with doodles. My formal study of art began at the University of Montana and Nontana State University. I was introduced to set painting while working as the scene shop supervisor in the theater department. That led me to set design and hours of set painting interiors and exteriors. Early work as a carpenter led to house design and general contracting.
While living on Washington Islan in the late 90’s I studied watercolor with Lorna Caornell. As I melded theater painting with watercolor I gravitated to acrylics, and have painted exclusively in this medium since the turn of the century.
Currently I share a small studio in Viroqua with Julius Tree Parrish, who I mentor. I draw inspiration from such arises as Georgia O’Keefe, Picasso, Zao Wu Ki and Van Gogh.